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Monica Nikchemny Sues Visualaz For Over $100K For Making Her Wedding Video Look Like ‘An Episode of ‘Seinfeld’

One wedding videographer is learning the hard way never to cross a bride on her perfect wedding day.

Monica Nikchemny is suing the company Visualaz for $122,000 in damages for making her wedding seem like “an episode of Seinfeld,” filled with an applause track and sound effects.

Nikchemny, 26, married Felix Komrash, 33, in September 2012. One year later, the newlyweds received their wedding video. That’s when the bride was reduced to tears and “almost had a nervous breakdown.”

“When I watched my wedding video it really sounded like I was watching an episode of ‘Seinfeld,’” she said. “It really was ridiculous.”

She and her father then decided to sue Visualaz, which is run by Igor Boshoer, a visual effects artist who worked on “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Nikchemny, who was pregnant at the time she received the video, said the stress caused by watching resulted in medical complications.

“How can I show my son this video?” she asked. “These memories, I’ll never be able to get back again.”

The trouble with Visualaz began before the family received the video. When the couple asked for a “love story clip” to be played during the ceremony, the filmmakers suggested that Komrash dress as a transvestite in a dress who falls in love with Nikchemny, according to court papers filed Wednesday in the Brooklyn Supreme Court.

The disgruntled bride said the suggestion was “very inappropriate and disrespectful” and a “complete joke.”

When she did receive the video, she said it lacked a “beginning, middle and an end.”

“We’re asking for damages above and beyond the contract,” the family’s lawyer, Mikhail Usher said.

Although the couple was given raw footage, Nikchemny said the sound is bad and parts of the video are missing, such as the cocktail hour, dessert table and the signing of the Jewish wedding agreement.

Visualaz said they can’t believe the couple was not happy with the video, since the company has been getting praised for it on their Facebook page.

You can watch a small clip of what the bride claims to be “the worst thing in the world” below.

Sources: New York Daily News, Mamamia


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