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Monica Heck, Terminally Ill, Commits Suicide By Jumping Off Waterfall

The suicide of a terminally ill teacher was caught on camera by tourists as she jumped 350 feet to her death from Iguazu Falls in Argentina.

Monica Patricia Heck, 37, is shown going over a walkway onto a rock near the Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat) before she lowered herself onto the cascade.

As onlookers screamed at her to stop, she disappeared into the water.

Miguel Angel Alvarenga, a tour guide, said she was near a railing when she went over it and stood on a rock near the edge of the waterfall.

While she was making her way to the edge, people began shouting at her. But she didn’t listen to them, and jumped off the fall. The area was evacuated afterward so authorities could look for her body.

Her body was found floating in the river at the bottom of the falls a few hours after she jumped.

Heck was from Puerto Esperanza and had posted a few messages on Facebook warning others of her planned suicide.

While it’s not known what illness she was suffering from, they do know she was severely depressed.

She posted videos about the symptoms of depression multiple times on her page, as well as pictures of waterfalls.

Someone uploaded the video of her suicide onto YouTube.

The waterfall is one of the largest in the world, bordering Argentina and Brazil.



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