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Want to Save Money? Go Vegan

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By Heather Moore

Here's some free financial advice from MoneyWatch: If you want to save money, go vegan. Beef and dairy prices are expected to rise by 5 percent in 2011.

Pig meat—or "pork" to those who like to pretend that they're eating something other than the flesh of a dead, dismembered pig—will likely cost 3 or 4 percent more next year too.

And people who are actually willing to fork over money for a turkey's corpse have to fork over a whole lot more of it this year, largely because of a 56 percent increase in feed costs. (Yet another reason why I'm passing on turkey!)

The real savings of going vegan can't be put in a bank—animals' lives, the environment, and good health (well, unless you count all the money you save on healthcare costs)—but vegans do tend come out ahead in the supermarket check-out lane, so it simply makes cents (get it? sense?) to go vegan.


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