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Mom's Response About Not Aborting Her Child With Down's Syndrome Goes Viral

We’ve talked here before about Down's Syndrome and the many challenges faced by parents who raise children with the condition. Not surprisingly, there’s a huge range of opinions out there on what prospective parents should do if they find out they are pregnant with a child Down's.

One mother raising a child with Down's got a chance to share her feelings on the topic recently, and share her feelings she certainly did. The mother, identified only as Sherry, wrote on her blog that she was at the store when a cashier allegedlysaid this intrusive statement to her:

“I bet you wish you had known before he came out. You know they have a test for that now."

Instead of lashing out at the cashier, Sherry made use of her wit. Here’s what she says happened:

"Instead I used whit (sic): I smiled a crazy lady smile 'I know right?! It’s so much harder to get rid of them once they come out. Believe ME I’ve tried…' Jackpot! Her mouth dropped open and she stared at me in shock.

I leaned over the register and whispered to her,

'What you’re saying is that it’s okay for me to kill him while he’s inside, but not outside? In my book there isn’t a difference. For the record, we knew EVERYTHING about him during my pregnancy. He is our son now and he was our son then. There is no way in hell that I would let any harm come to either of my children. Including during the time that they’re so ridiculously considered disposable.'

No report on the cashier’s response, but we’re guessing she was pretty short on words. 

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Source: Chronicles of Mommy / Photo Credit: Chronicles of Mommy


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