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Mom Gives Hilarious Reason For Kid's Tardiness (Photo)

A mother's hilarious explanation for her child's tardiness at school is going viral.

When a student was late to school one day, her mother had to drop her off and give a reason in the tardy sign-in sheet.

While some parents may have come up with an excuse to avoid embarrassment, such as traffic or a dentist appointment, this mother decided to be up front with the reason her daughter was late. What she wrote down was hilarious.

According to the mother, her daughter was late to school because of "bad parenting."

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The photo was shared by a Reddit user, who said it was taken by a friend after she dropped her kids at school. The post quickly spread, with many applauding the mother's hilarious honesty, reports The Daily Buzz.

"I'm imagining a woman filling out a form, having a sensible chuckle and then pulling out her phone to take a picture all while some school worker just stands there, waiting for her to finish," one user commented.

"I got a note from a parent once that said 'we all overslept,'" another user wrote. "What do you even say to that?"

Sources: RedditThe Daily Buzz / Photo credit: ajari/Flickr

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