Mom's Method Of Punishing Son For Disrespecting His Teacher Sparks Controversy (Video)


A Facebook video has recently gone viral showing a boy’s mother punishing him for disrespecting his teacher, and since being posted, it has created a lot of controversy.

In the clip, the mother makes her son hold a stack of books over his head and walk around. The boy is obviously embarrassed about what his mother is making him do, but she doesn’t relent and makes him repeatedly chant, “I’m not going to disrespect my teacher.”

Since the video was posted online, there have been mixed reactions. Many believe that the mother’s actions are fair, but others seem to think that she’s going too far. In the clip, the boy cries as another person filming laughs at him. Many people seem to consider this punishment a form of emotional abuse, and as Barbara King, Executive Director of the Exchange Club Family Center, told WMC News in Memphis, that sort of thing can be even worse for a child than physical abuse later in life.

“Emotional abuse is more long lasting and really does more harm than physical abuse,” said King.

Take a look at the clip and decide for yourself whether or not this mother’s punishment pushed the limits.

Sources: WMC News, KPHO


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