Mom's Photo Of Baby Son And His Sibling Sparks Controversy (Photo)

A picture showing a young boy pretending to breast-feed his sibling has garnered strong responses from parents, with some lauding it as natural, while others said the photo was distasteful. 

The image, posted by the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page shows a little boy placing his nipple in a baby's mouth, with the caption: “Don't worry mom, I got you covered.”

It got more than 20,000 likes and has been shared 15,000 times but it has alienated some followers of the page, according to Daily Mail.

Jeanetta Lee completely condemned the photo and wrote a strongly worded post, repeatedly calling it “sick.”

“This picture and idea is sicko. Playing with a doll yes, but what he is doing is nothing but sick,” she said. 

Nicole was another user who called the picture “sick.”

“This is disgusting to say the least," she ranted. "If it were the mother, that's different. I see no problem. But to allow a sibling, that is just sick. I see no humour in this at all. New mothers, this is not cute it is sick and you need to wake up and learn what is normal and what is not. Anyone who allows this needs serious help.”

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Venessa M Francheschi had a similarly strong reaction, saying the picture was “pornographic picture really.”

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Maranda Snow agreed, saying: “Why the eff would you want to associate sexual acts with a child? What is wrong with people?”

Alsiha Therese called her out, replying: “Anyone that sees a child as sexual in any way is perverse, and I can only hope doesn't allow themselves around children.”

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Sarah Birnbaum said she unsure how to feel about the photo. 

“I have no qualm with breastfeeding at all,” she said. “That just seems wrong in a way. With a bottle or to a doll of whatever, fine. But to the baby isn't OK to me.”

Some worried netizens were more concerned that it might be hazardous.

“If you make this OK for the older siblings, you're not watching,” Michele Wright wrote. “Your baby could be suffocated. Then you've hurt two children. I guess common sense isn't common.”

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Others balked at the image because they felt nursing mothers should breast-feed in private and not in front of their children. 

“I'm sorry, but all these pictures and all of these examples are the exact reason why women need to go be ‘private’ to breastfeed,” Wrote Nita Ann Noel. “I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of, but I do think that it's highly personal.”

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