Mom Given Rude Note About Autistic Son While Shopping


A Michigan mother is seeking to educate others after receiving a nasty note about her autistic son.

Brittany Miller says her son, Granderson, 6, is an expert on fire alarms. He knows all of the different makes and models and the sounds they each make. He likes to imitate the different fire alarm sounds sometimes as a way to cope with noisy or stressful situations.

Miller says that like many people diagnosed with autism, when Granderson becomes interested in something, he wants to learn as much as possible about that topic.

"It becomes his No. 1 goal to know everything about it," she told WOOD. "It's a totally different way of learning but he's fully capable of learning that and so much more."

While shopping at a Meijer supercenter in Muskegon on Aug. 31, Granderson began imitating a fire alarm. Miller says she doesn't think her son was being particularly loud, but another shopper disagreed. When Miller turned around for a moment, somebody placed a note in her shopping cart.

"I turn around and I'm talking to my son," Miller said. "I was helping him fix his shoe. I turn back around and there's a note on top of my bags."

"Buy that kid a muzzle!!" the note reads, reports KFOR.

Miller didn't see who left the note, but she says she would have rather spoken to the person face to face.

"I don't know an autism mom who doesn't want to raise awareness so we're more than happy to take three minutes out of out day to explain just a little bit," the mother said.

Miller says that because she didn't get the chance to educate the person who wrote the note, she wanted to use the story as a way to educate the public.

"I hope the next time [they] encounter a child that's different, I hope [they] take into consideration that [they] don't know anything about this person and they don't have to be different on the outside to be different on the inside."

Miller says Granderson is excited to dress as a fire alarm for Halloween this year.

Sources: WOODKFOR / Photo credit: WOOD

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