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Moms Fight at Children's Talent Show (Video)

A school talent show at Lakeview Elementary School in St. Cloud, Fla., was the scene of a bizarre fight between two angry mothers last Friday (video below).

According to police, Jessica Tyler asked Latisha James (pictured) to sit down because James was videotaping the children's talent show and blocking her view.

"When they announced the second grade class, I was not the only one who stood up," James told Local 6.

In a 911 call, Tyler claimed she was attacked by James after accidentally bumping into James' child.

The mothers reportedly started swearing and fighting in front of the children until an unidentified third parent stopped the brawl.

After police interviewed witnesses, they arrested James on charges of battery.

"I didn't go to the school with the intention of messing up the show or putting my hands on anybody," James told Local 6. "I don't behave like that. I cannot say how much, how remorseful I am. I am totally remorseful. I've never been to jail before."

Tyler told Local 6 she cannot attend her daughter's fifth grade graduation on Thursday because both moms were banned from school property.

Source: Local 6


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