Mom Goes on Facebook Attack Against Teacher Living with Her Daughter

A California mother has taken to Facebook, calling a high school teacher who left his wife to move in with her daughter a "pervert" and "child molester."

The Daily Mail reports that Jordan Powers, 18, is now living with her former teacher, 41-year-old James Hooker. Hooker left his wife and resigned from his job at Enochs High School in Modesta last month after the relationship went public.

Hooker insists that nothing happened between him and the girl before she turned 18; police are investigating that claim just to be sure.

But Jordan's mother is not waiting for the results of that investigation. Tammie Powers said even if there was no physical contact, Hooker was still pursuing her daughter when she was underage.

"She looked up to him. He was in the position of an educator, you don’t abuse your student. Period," Powers told the Sacramento Bee. "She’s still in high school. That’s not okay."

Powers has started a Facebook campaign to make sure everybody knows about the man she calls a "sicko" and "pervert," writing:

This is a picture of JAMES HOOKER from Enochs High School....a perverted man in his forties, who has taken advantage of a little girl.

Now, James if you're reading this while you have my daughter, you better believe everyone will know you're a sick child molester.

Don't think for one second you will win. I'm smarter, stronger, and way more determined. I WILL NEVER give up.

I'll be getting my daughter back you sicko.

But Jordan and Hooker don't think they are doing anything wrong.

"In making our choice, we've hurt a lot of people," Hooker told the Bee. "We keep asking ourselves, 'Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?'"

"He's my best friend," Jordan said in an interview with the local ABC station. "I mean, he's more than just a lover."

"I think the stigma of the teacher-student relationship just makes it messy, makes it really hard for people to get through to the point that we really do like each other," Hooker told the station. "We really do want to have a future together."

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