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Woman Comes To Aid Of Veteran With Problem

A woman came to the aid of a veteran while doing her shopping when she realized the predicament he was in.

Lisa Jackson was leaving the Kroger’s store when she noticed the elderly man sitting near the entrance, MadWorldNews reported. When Jackson asked if he needed help, the man began crying and told her his problem.

“I have colon cancer and I have had a really bad accident, if I get up out of this cart everyone will know,” he said. “What should I do?”

He told her his name was Elmer and that he fought in the Korean War.

“The look of his dignity lost left me with a lump in my throat,” she wrote in a Love What Matters Facebook post.

Jackson explained Elmer’s situation to staff in the store.

“From that moment on, Kroger staff quickly fetched us wipes, undergarments and discreetly took him to their employer bathroom area where he was given clothes,” she added.

Jackson helped him get cleaned up and changed his clothes. Elmer was then brought back into the store, where his shopping was waiting for him. It had been paid for.

"He cried harder. He said he fought in Vietnam and Korean War and loved his country, but up until today he said he thought his country forgot about him," she added. "He encouraged me that maybe, after all, humanity still does care about one another."

Sources: MadWorldNews, Love What Matters / Photo credit: MadWorldNews

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