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Moms Arrested After Kids Found In Home Full Of Feces

Moms Arrested After Kids Found In Home Full Of Feces Promo Image

Two South Carolina mothers are facing charges after six children were found living in a home filled with trash, feces and drug paraphernalia.

Officers responded to a call on Dec. 15 that multiple children clad only in diapers were in a front yard playing unsupervised, according to WAFB. Upon arrival, they found six children, all under the age of 5, playing in the yard.

Three of the children were in diapers so soiled they were drooping, and broken pieces of glass from a mirror were scattered on the ground. 

The oldest child told an officer that his parents weren't home but that his aunt was inside. 

Officers then entered the residence, where they found 27-year-old Fallon Stowell on the couch under a blanket. The home was allegedly filled with trash, empty liquor bottles and feces. The police report also noted that there were numerous lit candles and a multi-colored bong with narcotic residue.

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The rest of the house was similarly trashed, and an officer reported that he saw spoiled food and soiled dishes in the kitchen sink as well as a crib with extremely soiled bedding. 

The Department of Social Services responded to the scene and all six children were placed into emergency protective custody.  

Logan Stowell, 26, eventually returned to the residence, which she is reported to share with her sister, Fallon. Both women are single mothers to three of the children.

The sisters were arrested on the scene on charges of cruelty to children and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

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A similar story occurred in Florida, where a mother was arrested on Dec. 14 after police found her two children living in a house filled with roaches, urine and feces.

Police responded to a tip that 35-year-old Victoria Kanger was neglecting her two children, aged 5 and 14, according to The Miami Herald.

"It is disgusting, non-livable for a 5-year-old [girl]," the tipster reportedly told police in a 911 call. "I mean, there's poop all over the floor, there's piles of clothes, there's roaches. She's had lice for the past eight months."

Officials arrived at the residence and could smell the foul stench of urine and feces while talking to Kanger on the porch. They then entered the residence and described finding a house of horrors filled with fleas and roaches.

The authorities also found three dead dogs that had been stuffed into a freezer, wrapped in plastic and cardboard. Kanger said that the dogs were placed in the freezer because she didn't own a shovel to properly bury them.

The police report noted that Kanger's kitchen featured "piles of soiled dishes and trash" and "a large number of cockroaches crawling on the floor, counter tops, sink, stove and walls."

Kanger was arrested on charges of child neglect. Her two children are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. 

Sources: WAFB, The Miami Herald / Featured Image: Oregon Department of Transportation/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Spartanburg County Detention via WAFB, Pixabay

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