Mommy Blogger Stephanie Metz Goes Viral With Controversial Post


Stephanie Metz’ “Metz Family Adventures” Blogspot is not your typical mommy blog. The South Dakota mother of two drew both praise and criticism this week for an Oct. 25 post entitled “Why My Kinds are NOT the Center of My World,” in which she warned parents about sheltering their kids and suggested kids should learn to “toughen up” in the face of bullies.

The post drew an estimated audience of almost 2 million, social media shares included, from the eight friends and family members who previously followed the blog, ABC News reported.

Metz’ controversial rant stemmed from her 4-year-old son Hendrix telling her that he was not going to bring an action figure to show-and-tell because it held something that looked like a gun, and he was afraid he would get in trouble for it.

"My boys are typical little boys. They love to play guns. They love to play good guy versus bad guy. They love to wrestle and be rowdy," Metz wrote. "How long will it be before their typical boy-ish behavior gets them suspended from school?"

"I feel like we're creating a generation of victims," Metz commented after the post went viral, speaking to the Associated Press.

Bullying expert Paul Coughlin said Metz’ outlook is not without its merits. Coughlin founded The Protectors, a Medford, Ore.-based organization that works with public and private schools to reduce bullying. He said that over-parenting leads to “fragile children.”

"This over-parenting also is almost a perfect storm for creating serial targets," he said. "Over-parented children are more likely to be serial targets than non-over-parented children."

Metz’ blog does contain much of the usual mommy blog material, including pictures of her kids, recipe ideas and comments on potty training. She ended her incendiary Oct. 29 post with the conclusion: “My kids are not the center of my world because I love them enough not to allow them to be.”

Sources: ABC News, Associated Press, Metz Family Adventures


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