Mom Blames Her Five-Year-Old Son For His Death After She's Accused Of Poisoning Him

A mother and blogger from New York who is accused of killing her 5-year-old son says he may have been to blame for his own death in January.

Lacey Spears, 26, reportedly told prosecutors that her son, Garnett, may have put sodium chloride in his own feeding tube while he was being treated at a hospital in Valhalla, reports Huffington Post. She reportedly said her son “would once in a while play with his feeding tube and could have put something in it.”

The blogger, who found Internet fame writing about her son’s health issues, was charged with murder and manslaughter after Garnett’s death. Police believe she poisoned the boy while visiting him at the hospital over the course of four days.

District Attorney Doreen Lloyd also says the woman’s Internet history shows she researched what large quantities of salt can do to a child’s body.

Garnett died after being hospitalized for five days because the sodium levels in his body reportedly rose and doctors were unable to provide an explanation for it, reports Daily Mail.

The little boy had been diagnosed with hypernatremia, which is a condition that involves having elevated amounts of salt in the blood, before his first birthday. Medical experts reportedly failed to report this to authorities as possible child abuse.

Spears – or the “mommy blogger,” as she is known – was believed to have suffered from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and Postpartum Depression. When her son was five months old, she reportedly expressed a desire to hurt him, according to a court report.

In early September, Spears’ attorneys claimed their client’s confession was given involuntarily and filed a motion to have it suppressed.

Sources: Huffington Post, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Facebook 


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