'Facebook Killer' Threatens To Sue World During Sentencing (Video)


After killing his wife and displaying her corpse on social media, Derek Medina will spend the rest of his life in prison (video below).

Medina, who broadcast the murder of his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, on Facebook, was convicted of second-degree murder in November 2015. The photo posted of Alfonso's body included the caption, “I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife,” which was referenced during Medina's sentencing on Feb. 5.

"You foretold your future," said Miami-Dade County Judge Yvonne Colodny, reported the Miami New Times. "You wrote on Facebook that 'I am going to prison,' and that is where you will be going."

The 33-year-old stated that he had been acting in self-defense during the 2013 killing, a claim rejected by both the jury and victim’s family.

"The notion that my daughter was violent or abusive is an insult to me and my family," said Jose Alfonso, reported WPLG. "That's a fantasy that he created."

Although Medina did not testify during the trial, he decided to make a statement during his sentencing. The bizarre discourse included a reference to a horror movie, a threat to sue the world, and a call to President Barack Obama:

"Focus, Barack Obama, president, on this corruptive world that I will be suing. I will be suing this world. Not only that, 'Unfriended,' the movie by Universal Pictures, came out with a movie before my trial, which was unfair. OK. Which was biased. And, um, pretty much the point I'm trying to make is that I did not get a fair trial. I will be taking action. I will be suing, and I want Barack Obama, president of the United of the States of America, to focus on corruption." 

Attorney Saam Zangeneh said his client had been in isolation since his arrest in August 2013.

"He wanted to make a statement,” said Zangeneh. “He made one. He's got every right to. Listen, I'm not his life coach. I'm his lawyer."

Several relatives of the victim requested that the maximum penalty be imposed towards Medina, according to The Huffington Post. He will not be eligible for parole, a court spokeswoman said.

"Jennifer is not going to come back to me in 25 years, she's not going to come back to me in 40 years, she's not going to come back to me at all," said Carolyn Knox, Alfonso’s mother.

Sources: WPLG, Miami New Times, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Miami New Times

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