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Mom Who Taught Her Son's Bullies A Lesson Learns Her Fate

A woman who got in her car and chased after a gang that egged her house has reportedly been ordered to pay them compensation for the incident.

According to reports, 38-year-old Zoe Edwards chased after a group of 15 teenagers who egged her home in an attempt to bully her son, and during the chase, she reportedly fired a BB gun at them.

Edwards, a mother of two, has, according to The Daily Mirror, been “found guilty of using threatening or abusive words and behavior with intent to cause fear and two counts of assault after confronting them and firing a BB gun.”

Lee Bonner, Edwards’ defense attorney, told the court that he believed the boys should not receive compensation for Edwards’ actions.

“This is quite clearly an isolated and quite out of character incident,” Bonners said. “The behavior of the complainants provided a very significant degree of provocation. The people in question, young boys as they may be, were in one many respects the authors of their own misfortune. They were only there to bully and harass [Edwards'] son. The idea that these boys benefit financially from their own actions is a suggestion I find distasteful.”

Still, Judge Mark Hadfield said that he didn’t feel Edwards’ actions were appropriate as a reaction to the situation.

“Your actions on that night were wholly disproportionate to what happened to you,” Judge Hadfield said. “The young witnesses describe something akin to a BB gun being fired. Fortunately no injuries were caused to either young man. Your actions were most ill-advised. You could easily have caused serious injuries, thankfully you did not.”

Edwards has been ordered to pay nearly $100 each to two boys she actually hit with pellets, pay almost $900 in costs, and work 150 hours unpaid.

Sources:The Daily MirrorDaily Mail / Photo Source: WikiCommons


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