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Mom Who Struck 12-Year-Old Boy While Driving High On Meth Acquitted

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An Australian mother accused hitting a 12-year-old boy with her car while under the influence of crystal meth was acquitted of charges against her after it was ruled that the drug did not affect her ability to drive.

Leah Lenarczyk, 39, was under the influence of a variety of drugs before driving and striking a boy with her vehicle in 2012. The child survived but had several injuries including a fractured skull and collapsed lung.

During her case, several experts spoke on how meth might not have led to her collision with the boy.

University of South Australia Professor Jason Mark claimed crystal meth improves mental performance while Dr. Michael Robertson said the drug improves concentration.

Presiding over the case was Judge Barry Beasley who said, “I am positively satisfied that the accused was not so affected by methamphetamine that she was incapable of effective control of her motor vehicle.”

He continued, “There was no evidence in the driving leading up to the collision of any overtly poor driving, veering across the road, high speed or otherwise.”

Although she was acquitted of driving dangerously, she was convicted of driving without due care.

According to sources, Lenarczyk had just picked up her three children — ages 6, 8, and 10 — from school at the time of the collision.”

“I was picking up my kids from school, taking them home and driving normal speed and it was just there,” she said. “The lights were green, he just stepped out in front of the car that was next to me. I had no time to brake, nothing ... the young boy stepped out in front of the car next to me and I didn’t have any time to brake at all.”

Officials discovered the light was red at that time.

Her sentencing is scheduled for July.

Source: Metro, ABC

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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