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Mom Who Got Drunk With Her Toddler Avoids Trial

The mom who was arrested for sharing a margarita with her 2-year-old daughter has reportedly avoided a conviction that could have gotten her deported.

Sheldy Nelson, 42, got drunk with her very underage daughter on August 29, 2014, at Brodie’s Seaport Restaurant in Salem, Massachusetts, Inquisitr reported. Employees watched her repeatedly give her toddler sips of her margarita. They asked her to stop, but Nelson instead poured some of her drink into the 2-year-old’s sippy cup.

After they confronted her again, she said she was only giving the young girl ice. The employees kicked her out of the restaurant.

A short time later, police responded to a call about a distraught woman sitting outside near the restaurant. When the officers found Nelson, both she and her daughter were allegedly intoxicated. The mom slurred her speech and vomited while the officers asked her questions, according to Inquisitr.

She and her daughter ended up in a hospital that night, where subsequent tests found alcohol in her daughter’s blood.

Authorities removed the child from Nelson’s custody, according to Brett Levy, her attorney. During a September visit, Nelson became angry that a social worker was there and started shaking the child. She was arrested for the incident.

Altogether, Nelson was charged with child endangerment and providing alcohol to a minor.

At her May hearing, Levy maintained that Nelson did not know that margaritas have alcohol in them, the Salem News reports.

The boozy mom is originally from Haiti and would face deportation if convicted.

Judge Robert Brennan, however, gave the distraught mom a second chance on July 6. He postponed her trial, which was scheduled for Wednesday, for another 11 months, giving Nelson an opportunity to have her case dismissed, provided that she meets all of the court’s conditions.

She must consent to random tests for alcohol use and must complete a parenting class. She must also follow any orders from the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

If she meets all these requirements over the 11-month period, she will hopefully never again have to explain to a judge why she selected a 2-year-old to be her drinking buddy.

Sources: Inquisitr, The Salem News
Photo Credit: Jon Sullivan/Public Domain Image, Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr


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