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Mom Who Nearly Died Of Heroin Overdose Tries To Justify Her Drug Use (Video)

A Paulsboro, New Jersey, mother who suffered a heroin overdose in the street has defended her drug use on Facebook (video below).

On Feb. 8, KellyMae Hemphill, who also goes by the name Kelmae Demore, asked on Facebook that people not share the video of her overdose because of her 8-year-old daughter.

“Listen everyone your not just hurting me your hurting my 8year old daughter plzz atop...plzz.. i kno there a youtube video of me up but out of respest of my family n lil daughter wbo goes pn facebook plz dnt share or if u wanna ask me anything!\ ask me plz have a goodnight,” she wrote.

Demore received over 300 comments on her post. In one reply, she defended her heroin use.

“Listen you stupid my daughter doesn't see it in person cuz I'm not like that when I'm around her yes she does not live with me so she does not see me high and you don't know what I've been through so unless you walked in my shoes what you probably couldn't even walk at 5 seconds in my shoes and then where I've been and seen what I seen I think you should just keep your f****** mouth shut and all you people say you don't use drugs every one of use use mommy's little helper you think you're good moms have you seen even got your kids either,” Demore wrote on Feb. 11. 

Demore was traveling with her brother in a car earlier this week when she passed out and he pulled her from the vehicle onto the street, West Deptford Police Chief Sam DiSimone said, according to

Her brother performed CPR on her while a passing motorist alerted police.

A police officer arrived on the scene and administered Narcan nasal spray to Demore.

Paramedics transported her to a hospital and she was released.

On Feb. 9, a wellness visit was conducted by police and Demore was found to be doing fine.

Since the overdose, she has posted multiple photos of her daughter to Facebook.

Sources: Kelmae Demore/ / Photo credit: YouTube

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