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Mom Who Left Dead Baby In A Cave Charged With Murder

A 19-year-old Missouri student has been charged with second-degree murder after police found her newborn baby’s body in a cave near her school.

According to reports, Latasha Wilson gave birth to a baby boy on January 29. Wilson was at work at the time and had the baby in a toilet. Investigators state that Wilson left the baby in the toilet for too long and did not seek medical attention.  After approximately three hours, Wilson took the baby boy out of the toilet, wrapped his body in paper towels and put him in her locker before dropping him in a cave nearby.

“He was born alive, and because of the actions or in actions of this woman, he would be alive today,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Lynn Stoppy. “There was a lot of degradation done, decomposition of the body. He was set on fire. A lot of different body parts had to be sent off for analysis.”

According to court documents, Wilson and friend Zakary Carter disposed of the baby’s body together after discovering that he was dead. Carter has now been charged with tampering with physical evidence, as reports say he returned to the cave after they disposed of the body.

Wilson has been charged with second-degree murder after initially being charged with abandonment of a corpse.

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Sources: NY Daily News, KSHB, Fox4KC


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