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Mom Sentenced After Putting Heroin In Child's Pocket

Mom Sentenced After Putting Heroin In Child's Pocket Promo Image

A North Carolina woman has been sentenced after she reportedly hid heroin in her 4-year-old son's pocket.

Megon Anne Wilson, 24, of Burlington, was sentenced on Nov. 28 to five years and 10 months to seven years and nine months in prison for child abuse and drug trafficking after she allegedly involved her young son in hiding heroin, according to WGHP.

Wilson had previously been arrested by Alamance County deputies in Graham following a traffic stop in February. Police searched the woman's car and found a plastic bag with heroin residue. At Wilson's home, investigators found 12.8 grams of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and $202 in cash.

While at the Alamance County Jail, Wilson reportedly made a phone call confirming that she had hidden heroin inside her son's clothes.

Investigators overheard the call, in which Wilson is reported to have told a man not to worry because she had hidden the heroin in her son's pocket, according to the Burlington Times-News.

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Wilson admitted that the drugs found at the home were hers, and said she had signaled a family member who was picking up her son from the scene to remove the drugs.

Wilson had hoped to receive a lighter sentence for providing "substantial assistance" to police, which Alamance County District Attorney Pat Nadolski said she did not give them.

"She did not provide substantial assistance," Nadolski said, addressing Superior Court Judge Reuben Young. "No one else was charged."

The director of public information for the county sheriff's office, Randy Jones, said that it was not uncommon to see criminals hide drugs in children's clothes, according to Fox.

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"Heroin is back with a vengeance," said Jones. "It's not unheard of to find people involved in drugs, to hide drugs on kids. I have seen people over the years use kids to conceal merchandise, stuff things in diaper bags and diapers ... People will stuff dope in diapers, cribs, and car carriers."

"We always contact the department of social service in these types of cases," Jones said.

In July 2014, a Delaware man allegedly hid 16 packets of heroin inside his 8-month-old baby's diaper, according to The Smoking Gun.

Michael Penn, 25, was approached by police officers on a street in New Castle, after he had an arrest warrant for allegedly stealing items from a Verizon store. When the officers found Penn, he was holding the 8-month-old and his 5-year-old daughter.

Police ordered Penn to put the children down, and he reportedly refused. Officers reported seeing Penn put something into the baby's diaper before he was detained.

Penn was booked for resisting arrest, narcotics, and child endangerment charges before being released on $4,500 bond.

The incident was reported to child welfare officials, and Penn's children were turned over into his grandmother's custody.

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