Mother Wants Daughters To Find 'Sugar Daddies'


A Florida mother who makes her living by being a "sugar baby" -- taking money from an older man -- said she wants her daughters to follow in her footsteps. 

Nina Peterson spent most of her adult life accompanying rich older men, even having them pay for expensive cosmetic surgery. The 37-year-old has spent around $100,000 on surgery. 

“I’ve had my nose done three times, my boobs four times and I also regularly have cool sculpting and microdermabrasion,” she told the New York Post. The 6-foot-tall mother said she owns a $200,000 Maserati and a large, extravagant home thanks to her sugar daddies. 

Peterson’s daughters, 9-year-old Juliana and 12-year-old Ymahni, said they’re thrilled with their mother’s lifestyle, as they are regularly treated to vacations and expensive gifts because of the sugar daddies. 

“Her sugar daddy buys her lots of presents and when she gets money she either takes us on vacation or buys us cute dresses. I’m happy that she is happy,” Juliana said, Daily Mail reported. 

“He takes her on boats and helps her when she has trouble with money -- mom has promised that the next time he takes her on a boat she is going to take us.”

Juliana aspires to be a sugar baby in the future.

“I would want a man that pays for everything when I’m older because then I don’t have to worry about things and that is what a gentleman should do,” the girl said. 

Peterson insisted that while she lives a luxurious life, she still works hard for her lifestyle.

“I incorporate myself into his lifestyle so if he has to travel for anything, I manage it, I manage his home and make sure we hire the right staff,” she said. “I’m basically his personal assistant.”

Peterson said she is looking to teach others of her trade to make being a sugar baby something the younger generation can aspire to.

“I want to open a sugar baby academy where younger sugar babies can be groomed to take it to the next level,” she said. “This life can’t last forever, so I’ve got to have something to look to in the future and supplement my income.”

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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