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Mom Suspected Of Killing Toddler Then Stabbing Self (Photos)

Mom Suspected Of Killing Toddler Then Stabbing Self (Photos) Promo Image

An Arizona woman allegedly killed her toddler then attempted to kill herself.

Alyssa Pettibone, 26, of Buckeye, Arizona, was arrested on Dec. 18 and charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of her 2-year-old son, Hudson Pettibone, the Daily Mail reports.  

On Dec. 15, police were called to Alyssa's house after a family member reported she had shot her son and then tried to kill herself.

When officers arrived, they found Alyssa lying on the bathroom floor, bleeding from self-inflicted stab wounds in her neck. Hudson was also in the bathroom, dead of a gunshot wound, according to police documents obtained by AZ Central, the Daily Mail reports.

A handgun believed to be the weapon that killed Hudson was found in the bathroom. Alyssa allegedly confessed to a police officer that she had shot Hudson and tried to kill herself. 

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She was taken to jail after spending two and a half days at a hospital being treated for her injuries, KSAZ reports. 

Evidence suggests that Alyssa intended to shoot herself, but the gun malfunctioned so she stabbed herself instead.

According to court documents, officers who examined the gun found that one of the bullets in the magazine had been loaded backward, jamming it and preventing it from firing.

Alyssa's mother confirmed to police that her daughter held the gun to her own head, the same documents revealed.

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In their report, police said that there were indications that Alyssa was mentally disturbed and displayed signs of "control/ownership/jealousy issues." 

During her police interview, Alyssa reportedly was apologetic, adding cryptically that she was in "deep, deep, deep." 

"No one would understand," police attributed her as saying.

Based on existing evidence, police believe the shooting was intentional and say they have no reason to suspect that a third party was involved.

One of her neighbors, Jeff Morris, expressed shock at the news, reports KSAZ. "I don't understand why a mother would do that to her child," he said. "You hear a lot about this ... holidays bring out the worst in people I guess."

Alyssa's bond was set at $750,000. She is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 22.

Nicole Garcia of KSAZ summed it up with a tweet: "This is too tragic -- this woman is accused of shooting and killing her two-year-old son, then trying to kill herself ... She is on suicide watch." 

Sources: Daily Mail, KSAZ / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and Buckeye Police Department via Daily Mail

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