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Mom Dies From Seizure While Bathing Her Two Toddlers (Photos)

A young woman in England died from an epileptic seizure while she was giving her two children a bath.

Jamie Leigh Twidale, 24, was found dead in her bathroom Oct. 31 after her children, 4-year-old Harley and 3-year-old Skyelar, didn't show up to school.

"The school had tried to ring Jamie, but couldn't get an answer," Jamie's mother, Elizabeth Twidale, told the Daily Mail. "They knew about her epilepsy and called me."

Elizabeth arrived at her daughter's home to see what had happened. That's when she made the terrible discovery.

"When I got to the house I could see the kids' uniforms ready and it was really quiet," she said. "I was shouting for Jamie but couldn't get an answer. I went up the stairs and could see Harley wasn't in his room, and when I turned I could see into the bathroom and saw Jamie slumped over the bath."

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She found the children naked in Jamie's room.

"It looks like she had bathed them on ... Sunday night and was emptying the water out when she ... had a fit over the bath, which is why the children didn't have any clothes on," she explained.

Both Harley and Skyelar thought their mother had simply fallen asleep in the bathroom. They were unaware that anything was wrong.

"They just kept saying that she is asleep," Elizabeth said.

"She was a fantastic [mom], she lived for the kids, they were everything to her," she said. "We used to spend almost every day together, she always had a smile on her face. It hasn't sunk in, I just keep thinking she will come through the door."

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Jamie had suffered from epilepsy since she was 9, according to the Daily Mail.

"When she was talking she would just suddenly stop and stare," Elizabeth recalled. "We called it blankness epilepsy. Then she started having fits and she'd have one at least once a week."

"She'd hurt herself sometimes and have bruises on her face," Elizabeth said. "I knew that something like this happening was a possibility but it was just a massive shock. I never expected it."

Elizabeth will now assume responsibility for her two grandchildren.

"I'm going to have the kids now and I think I'll be able to get used to it as I have them twice a week anyway and walk them to school with Jamie Leigh," she said.

Jamie's friends are reportedly doing what they can to help, as well, something for which Elizabeth is very appreciative.

"Jamie had loads of friends," Elizabeth said, according to the Hartlepool Mail. "I keep getting cards and lovely messages and a lot of the people I don’t know who they are."

Jamie's 18-year-old brother, Aaron, echoed his mother's sentiments.

"She made friends really easily," he said. "Things will never be the same without her."

Sources: Daily Mail, Hartlepool Mail / Photo credit: North News & Pictures via Daily Mail

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