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Toddler Suffers Severe Burns While Attending Daycare

A Texas mother is warning parents to choose a reliable daycare for their children after her son suffered second-degree burns on his feet.

Jami De Roulac's 22-month-old son, Brody, was at the Little Scholar's Christian Academy in August when the incident reportedly occurred.

"There were huge blisters from the tips of his toes to about the middle of his foot on both feet," De Roulac told KTRK.

The burns were so severe that Brody could not walk for several weeks.

"The doctor suggested that we go to the burn specialist who then had to peel the skin off my child's feet as I was holding him down kicking and screaming," De Roulac explained.

De Roulac was an employee of the daycare at the time; however, she says she was not with her son when he was injured.

And while the daycare stated that Brody took off his own sandals without his supervisor's knowledge, De Roulac simply cannot believe that story. She says her son was not capable of removing the sandals on his own.

"I watched him try to take them off and he couldn't take them off at all," she said.

An investigation conducted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services cleared the daycare of any wrongdoing. However, the daycare was cited for two minor violations for an insufficient number of caretakers.

De Roulac hopes that by publicizing her son's story, she will persuade more parents to be vigilant about their daycare decisions.

"I do not want money at all," she said. "That's not what it's for. I'm bringing awareness."

Gina Sarvers, director of Little Scholars Christian Academy, released a statement in which she describes how the injury occurred and expresses sympathy for both Brody and his mother.

"Two teachers along with 13 children went outside to the playground and within a short amount of time and before the teachers had a chance to realize it, the child had removed his flip flops and was standing barefoot on the hot playground surface," Sarvers wrote. "A cry from the child alerted the teachers that the child was in distress and she picked him up, comforted him and headed inside."

"The incident was immediately self reported by myself to childcare licensing," she added. "The next day an investigator came to do her investigation. Yesterday we received notification by childcare licensing that we were not at fault and that there was no abuse or neglect."

"Again we are deeply sorry that this has happened and our heart breaks for both mother and child," the statement concluded.

Daycares are finding themselves under increased scrutiny following media coverage of a number of unfortunate incidents. In early October, for example, a Pennsylvania daycare worker was fired after she pressured children to use foul language on camera, according to WFMZ.

And more tragically, a toddler was killed in September when one of his caretakers sat down on a bean bag chair that he had crawled underneath, according to KSTU.

Sources: KTRKWFMZKSTU / Photo credit: Little Scholars Christian Academy

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