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Mom Finds Dangerous Item In Halloween Candy (Photo)

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On Halloween night, the mother of a child who went trick-or-treating was shocked to find a dangerous item hidden inside a Tootsie Roll.

New Jersey authorities are investigating reports of a sewing needle found in Halloween candy and strongly suggest parents thoroughly check their kid’s holiday candy, according to WPIX.

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On Nov. 1, New Jersey State Police warned about the incident on their Facebook page:

Detectives and troopers from the New Jersey State Police Port Norris Station are investigating the report of a needle found in Halloween candy collected in Commercial Township, Cumberland County.

The victim told detectives that between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. she discovered a sewing needle in a Tootsie Roll candy that her child collected during trick-or-treat earlier in the evening. Below are pictures of the evidence.

There are no suspects at this time. This is an active and ongoing investigation. As our detectives continue to investigate this incident, we strongly recommend that parents continue to check their children's Halloween candy.

Many of us with kids may not have gotten around to checking the mounds of candy, but let's get it done tonight. We'll keep you updated as this unfolds.

Police do not yet have any suspects.

In Chicago, local police found a needle commonly used by diabetics to check blood sugar inside a child’s trick-or-treat candy bag on Oct. 30, reports Chicago Tribune.

A family called authorities after they found the needle and were uncertain who put the item inside the bag of Halloween treats.

Agents went door-to-door, checking the neighborhood where the child picked up the treats. Police are still trying to figure out whether the needle was deliberately put inside the child’s bag.

Local police delivered a recorded phone notice to homes in the area where the incident occurred.

Sources: WPIX, Chicago Tribune / Photo credit: NJ State Police via WPIX

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