Kids Stop Playing To Pay Respect (Video)


A video (below) featuring children in North Carolina paying respect to the U.S. Marine Corps has captured national attention.

The footage posted on YouTube begins with five children playing on a playground at Marine Corps Air Station New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina, when the retreat begins to loudly play, reports.

The kids immediately stop what they are doing and stand at full attention.

"When colors sound this is what happens," Danielle Tomei Davila, who originally uploaded the video to YouTube in 2011, wrote in the video caption. "And what SHOULD happen!"

The video has since gone viral, garnering over 1.4 million views on YouTube as of May 19.

Some viewers were equally moved.

"You did a fine job raising your children Marine," one commenter wrote, according to "I was stationed there back in 72 and noticed the kids at that time were the same way. You should be very proud of them."

Yet some found the footage worrying, as this comment from’s Facebook page reveals:

I think this is what is wrong with America. Does anyone realize that this is EXACTLY what fascism is? This America I live in scares me. In the 50s-70s when I was young we respected the military as most of our dads fought in WWII, but this adulation was unheard of in my time and my father - before he died - thought it wrong.. respect does not mean standing at attention when you are a little kid, unless saying the pledge, our country is based upon freedom of expression and believing in the individual, the path of respect does not mean standing at attention, it does mean support and compassion[.]

I fear that if we continue with these nut jobs who continue to push for worship of the military and first responders will eventually lead to a fascist type leader, [a] la trump or cruz. Let's show respect to our women and men in the military by paying them a living salary, attending to their mental and physical health needs, assisting in job hunting, making them integrated back into society. Let's not have children standing at attention for nothing.

Sources: Danielle Tomei Davila/YouTube, / Photo Credit: Danielle Tomei Davila/YouTube 

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