Mother Shares Tragic Post About Stillborn Baby (Photos)

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An Australian blogger shared a heartbreaking post after her daughter was stillborn at 21 weeks.

Lifestyle blogger Sarah Jane Young has built a following of tens of thousands on Instagram, where she shares photos and stories of her life with her husband and their daughter Mia Grace, the Independent Journal Review reports.

When Young and her husband became pregnant again, she began sharing photos of her progress.

All was going well with the pregnancy and Young shared photos of her daughter, who was excited to welcome her new baby sister. The couple announced that their new baby was due in May 2017.

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Then, the parents' lives changed forever when something unexpected and tragic happened.

On Jan. 10, Sarah shared a heartbreaking message on her Instagram page, accompanied by a photo of her baby's feet:

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While your little life was way too brief, in that very short time YOU have proven to me that a mother's heart is NEVER, ever full. Our hearts are beyond broken and there will never be day that goes by where we don't think about you - our sweet baby girl. What I wouldn't give for a lifetime of your belly-ballet-ninja routines for hours on end again... In the words of your PoPo just a few days ago, "a mother's love for her daughter is immeasurable". Charlotte, my and our connection to you as a family will forever be immeasurable. We love you and will [honor] your memory our little rose petal, forever and EVER. Now rest in peace our darling angel. LOVE ALWAYS and ALWAYS, mummy, daddy & your big sis Mia Grace x

The next day on Jan. 11, Young shared a post describing her feelings the day after losing her baby, along with a photo of the family in a hospital room:

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Waking up today with an even emptier heart... The pain is worse... The distance from our baby girl is greater... The anger couldn't be stronger... The seconds are longer and my world has stopped. It's hard to ever imagine smiling again and trying to be strong for our precious MG is so, so incredibly hard. BUT... My blessings have been magnified tenfold and my amazement in a mother's capacity to love and nurture her family is at its highest. I wanted to share this family photo with you, because I am so proud and grateful. Thank you all for your kind words, patience and understanding. I need some time out from the world, but if one positive thing can come from losing our daring Charlotte Rose, let it be the reminder to all that EVERYONE has a story. Never judge, never compare and just be. I look forward to brighter days... One day. I will live and love again for you my rose petal. Forever.

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