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Mom Wakes Up, Finds Bloody Basement After What BF Shoved In Baby

Mom Wakes Up, Finds Bloody Basement After What BF Shoved In Baby Promo Image

A West Virginia man was arrested and charged with the sexual assault and murder of a 9-month-old girl.

Benjamin Taylor was arrested and initially charged with first-degree assault after the baby's mother found her daughter in the basement of their apartment with no clothes on and the lights turned off. A large amount of blood was reportedly found on blankets and clothing in the basement, and Taylor told authorities several different stories about what happened.

The baby, Emmaleigh Barringer, was ultimately pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital. The mother later told police that she woke up at 4:45 a.m. and found her baby in the basement unresponsive. She screamed for Taylor, who reportedly stayed silent and did nothing to help.

The mother took the girl upstairs and called 911, later admitting that she and Taylor smoked marijuana and drank alcohol on the night in question. In a preliminary hearing, a deputy testified that Taylor wasn't overly intoxicated when cops arrived at the home.

A skull fracture was subsequently determined as the cause of death.

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"The only way justice is going to be served is if he feels every ounce of pain that he caused her too," family member Danielle Adkins told WSAZ after the child's death.

Dr. Steve Eshenhaur of Jackson General Hospital in Ripley, West Virginia, told authorities that the girl had injuries to her lower extremities and bruising on her face and head upon initial examination, WCHS reported.

Ultimately, Taylor was charged with murder, sexual assault and child abuse in the October 2016 incident.

"These women who have children should forget having a man live with them and dating and having boyfriends! They need to take care of their children! Don't have strange men in their lives! Stay away from men once you have children! TAKE CARE IF YOUR CHILDREN! Your children come first! You don't need a man in your lives!" one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

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"I don't understand how people can do such disgusting things to a child much less an infant.. I think the death penalty bus too easy, just let the inmates know what he did, even they have some moral codes and he will be taken care of in prison," another wrote.

"Sentence him to Life with absolutely no chance of parole...let the prison population do the rest. Also, being that the mother was so irresponsible the justice system should mandate a surgical procedure to insure she never again conceives a child whom she would probably end up putting in harm's way!!!! Prayers offered to God to be with this little one...whether he guides her home or helps her to heal physically and mentally," another added.

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