Girl Vanishes From Same Spot As Her Mother, Leaves Note


In 1987 a South Carolina woman vanished after a flight with her husband. Almost precisely a year later, her daughter disappeared from the same spot but left a disturbing letter.

Korrina Lynne Sagers Malinoski lived with her husband, Stephan, in Mount Holly Plantation, South Carolina, where her spouse was the caretaker of an estate.

In November 1987 she and Stephan had just come back from a flight and Korrina said she was going for a drive to calm down.

The next morning, Korrina was absent from her shift at the convenience store in Summerville where she’d been working for the past six months.

Her manager searched for her and eventually discovered Korrina’s abandoned car just outside the plantation. She left her husband and three kids behind -- Annette from a previous marriage, and sons Thomas and James (fathered by Stephen).

Korrina was never seen or heard from again, according to Throwback News.

As the town was still reeling from Korrina’s disappearance, another tragedy would occur almost exactly a year later.

On Oct. 4, 1988, Annette Sagers, 11, was waiting for the bus stop just outside the entrance of Mount Holly Plantation -- the same site from which her mother mysteriously vanished.

Another bus driver said he drove past Annette’s stop at 7 a.m. and saw her waiting with her dog. Annette’s bus arrived at 7:20 a.m. with no person in sight, according to Charley Project.

Annette’s stepfather Stephen didn’t realize she went missing until the afternoon, when she didn’t come back from school. Stephen called authorities and told them he found a note at the bus top.

It read “Dad, momma came back. Give the boys a hug.” The boys she referred to were her brothers.

Handwriting experts confirmed the note was written by the 11-year-old and no one witnessed Annette being picked up during the 20 minutes between buses.

In 2000, An unidentified caller told authorities to look for Korrina’s body in Sumpter County. Investigators found nothing when they took a corpse-sniffing dog to the heavily forested area.

After the vanishings, Stephen relinquished his rights to the boys in 1988. He moved to Florida, remarried and fathered more children. The boys jumped from various foster homes before being adopted.

Sons Thomas and James are still hoping to find their mother to this day.

Sources: Throwback News, Charley Project / Photo credit: Throwback News

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