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Mom Uses App To Track Teenage Son To Police Station

A New York mother who tracked down her son using an iPhone app was not expecting to be lead straight to a police precinct.

According to reports, the mother became worried about her 16-year-old son when he didn’t come home on Halloween night, so she decided to use an iPhone app to track his whereabouts. Eventually, the app lead her straight to the 103rd Precinct in Queens, and when she walked inside, she asked an officer about her son.

“She literally came into the precinct because she tracked his phone into the precinct and asked, 'Is my son here?'" said Deputy Inspector and the precinct’s commanding officer John Cappelmann.

The mother was shocked to find out that her son and a female companion were arrested and charged with robbery and criminal possession for threatening a person with a knife. Police say that the couple was also responsible for at least four other robberies within the last month.

Reports say that the mother had been calling her son all night to no avail, and according to Cappelmann, the teen said, “I should have listened to her and I should have gone home.”

Sources: Fox News, Pix 11 News, DNA Info


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