Woman Wants To Buy Vibrators For Her Young Daughters


A Montana-based writer wrote a controversial article in which she noted that she plans to buy vibrators for her young daughters.

In the article, written for She Knows and published during the week of April 4, Stephanie Land explained her decision to buy vibrators for her two daughters, who are currently 1 and 8 years old.

"I believe girls shouldn’t just learn about sex being enjoyable with partners; they should first learn how to pleasure themselves," she wrote in the column. "In addition to getting a worn copy of 'Our Bodies, Our Selves,' my girls will get vibrators."

Land noted that she began to develop a sex addiction because she "wasn't aware of masturbation."

"Wouldn’t an eager boy’s erection be a little less tempting (if it’s tempting at all) when countered with knowledge of what good sex could really feel like?" she wrote.

Land added that if the girls experienced orgasms on their own before having sex, they would become more assertive and not just say or do things to please a boy.

"I hope that my daughter is able to say 'no,' and that she says 'yes' only when she’s ready," Land wrote. "I hope she says 'yes' breathlessly and loud and not in a silent absence in fear of saying 'no.'

"I want her to have mind-blowing, amazing sex, and she won’t know how unless she first knows how to have it with herself."

Land said that her 8-year-old is aware of the reproductive process but believes that her mother has only had sex twice in her life. Land has yet to explain to her daughter that sex can be had for enjoyment.

Land's article went viral, with many criticizing her as trying unsuccessfully to be a "cool" mom.

"Leave her to do some of that fumbling, awkward experimentation and, yes, even mistakes on her own, when she wants, the way she wants, when the time is right," Kidspot writer Alexandra Carlton wrote in a response to Land's article.

"What if she doesn’t WANT a vibrator at the age of 16 or 17 or 18? What if it’s simply not where her head is at yet? I know your intentions are good, but have some respect for your daughter’s autonomy. Otherwise you’re little better than the boys who are going want to take a piece of it, too."

Sources: She Knows, Kidspot / Photo credit: @stepville/Twitter via Daily Mail

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