Mother Outraged At 'Planned Attack' On Daughter (Video)


A mother plans to press charges after her daughter was attacked on March 11 by a group of students at school (video below).

Misty Edwards from Ionia, Michigan, was furious after viewing a cellphone video of her daughter’s attack while at Ionia Middle School.

"This is more than bullying: it’s a set up attack," Edwards told WXMI. "It was an assault, and now it’s leading to bullying, because she’s being teased."

In the video, the attacker is standing behind Edwards’ daughter for a while, beating the child’s head, and dragging her by hair onto the floor.

"It is difficult to watch," said Superintendent Pat Batista, reports MLive.

The incident was recorded by at least three students on their cellphones, and Edwards said it was a planned attack involving at least five other girls. Although two of the videos were erased, the last one made it to social media and was also shared with the victim’s friends.

"I am sure everybody has seen the video on Facebook," Edwards said. “It has been viewed almost 300,000 times.”

The reported attacker recorded in the video has been suspended for 180 days, a full academic year. Edwards believes the punishment is not enough.

"I would really appreciate it if all these girls got the same punishment," said Edwards.

It is unknown whether other students have been reprimanded for their role in the incident.

"They need to stop it now, not a slap on the hand, or else it’s just going to continue," Edwards added.

The mother wants the video removed from the Internet and the alleged attacker charged to the fullest extent of the law.

"[This is] very emotional for the whole family," Edwards explained.

Batista released a statement and explained "discipline will be given out appropriately based on the investigation." She also reported that bullying is a rare occurrence at the school, due to programs the district has established such as Capturing Kids Heart and National Hero in the Hallway.

"This is obviously unacceptable and something we don't tolerate," Batista explained.

School administrators and law enforcement are investigating the incident. Edwards plans to press charges pending the outcome of the investigation.

Sources: WXMI, MLive / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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