8-Year-Old Girl Mauled By Pit Bull (Video)


An 8-year-old girl will need cosmetic surgery after she was reportedly attacked by a dog while on her way to school (video below).

Gabriella Jones was walking to school in San Bernardino, California, on May 11 when a pit bull approached her and mauled her face and body, KABC reported.

The attack was captured on video by a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

"It was really scary, that's what I was thinking, I thought I was going to die," Gabriella told KABC. "He just dragged me by my hand and got me on the ground and started biting me.”

In the video, a man is seen coming to the rescue. He manages to kick the dog away but not before the damage was done.

Gabriella was bitten on her face, left hand and left leg. Her wounds are healing, but she will likely need plastic surgery.

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Rebecca Patino, Gabriella’s mother, told the news station she was grateful the man intervened.

"If it wasn't for him, my daughter wouldn't be here," Patino said. "I lost a daughter 13 years ago, and it brings back a lot of emotions.

"I know God doesn't give you more than you can handle, and God knows I couldn't bury another child. But 20 seconds later, she would have been done."

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Gabriella it set to meet with a plastic surgeon on May 20. She said she has one message for dog owners.

"I just want to say you should always keep your dog inside ... it's really important because you can hurt others by letting your dog go out,” Gabriella said.

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It is not known at this time if San Bernardino Animal Control has done anything with the pit bull, KTLA reported.

Sources: KABC, KTLA / Photo Credit: YouTube

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