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Mom Tells Her Son He’s Going To Be A Big Brother Again, This Was His Reaction (Video)

A Washington mother did not expect this reaction when she decided to tell her little boy that he was going to be a big brother for a second time.

“What were you thinking?” little Tre says, as he face palms and groans. “This is exasperating!”

The youngster expressed his concern about the idea that he and his sister will be replaced by the new baby. His mother, Shanee Hart, of Fort Lewis, Washington, assured him that everything would be okay and that he would never be replaced, but Tre was not having any of it.

“This makes no sense,” he said. “You just have two babies and you just keep loving them forever, not having another baby between us.”

Meanwhile, his little sister, Amaya, could not care less about what’s going on as she continues to suck on a pacifier.

Hart was able to capture the hilarious moment on her phone and posted the video on YouTube on Aug. 20.

Tre was clearly upset that he would have to listen to another baby’s unbearable crying. But he eventually calmed down and figured that he was just going to have to deal with it.

His only request to his mom: “Buy me some earplugs.”

Watch the clip below:

Sources: New York Daily NewsMetroFacebook

Video Source: YouTube/Shanee Hart


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