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Undercover CEO Helps Single Mom Go Back To School

In a new episode of "Undercover Boss," the CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf disguised himself with a wig, and his single-mother employee opened up to him about her past and what the job has meant to her.

John Fuller, the CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles disguised himself as a barista named "Mick" when going undercover to work with his employees. During the episode, "Mick" worked with shift supervisor Deanna, who began to open up to Fuller about her life as a single mother and a former drug addict, Yahoo! TV reports.

"Mick's" barista skills did not impress Deanna, who described him as "crumbling," Us Weekly reports. The shift supervisor even made him throw out a drink and make a new one.

"Mick has people waiting. I had to give out gift cards to apologize because he is crumbling," said Deanna at one point during the show.

Over the course of the episode, Deanna began to reveal details about herself to "Mick."

Deanna told the undercover CEO that she dropped out of school in the 10th grade and used to have a drug habit. She said that the job at The Coffee Bean has allowed her to pay for the things she needs to take care of her children.

She said that she had never gotten her GED because she was focused on helping her children get into college. Deanna also told Fuller, as "Mick," that she was battling liver cancer, after recently losing her father to cancer.

"I was sick for a long time. ... I still have liver cancer. I mean, I'm still sick," said Deanna. "But I was taking care of my dad, who had colon cancer. ... He passed away in May."

She said that her job at The Coffee Bean helped lift her spirits, as well.

"I want to make somebody’s day. Because that turns around and makes my day," she said.

After Fuller revealed his true identity to Deanna, he told her that he was going to give her $20,000 and help her get her high school diploma. He also told her that he would set aside $40,000 for her two kids' college funds.

"That will help them both so much," said a tearful Deanna as she thanked Fuller.

"Having both of my kids be able to go to college, that's a gift that I never thought I would be able to give them," Deanna said.

Sources: Us Weekly, Yahoo! TV / Photo credit: Monty Brinton/CBS via Us Weekly

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