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Mom Tases Child For Getting In Trouble At School (Photos)

Mom Tases Child For Getting In Trouble At School (Photos) Promo Image

Police arrested a Texas mother after her now 6-year-old son told police she had used a stun gun on him.

Whitney White, 27, was initially being investigated after the child was seen with bruises on his face, welts on his body and a cut on his arm in July, reports KTRK.

After further questioning, the child said White had used a stun gun on him in November 2016 for getting in trouble at school.

"I was 5 years old when the defendant tased me on my arm because I got in trouble at school," the child said, according to court documents, KPRC reports. "From zero to 10, it hurt 10."

White has admitted to hitting the child and to tasering him.

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She said she slapped and him "too forceful" with a belt when he refused to do the homework she assigned for him. White said she felt a similar level of frustration when she allegedly tasered him in 2016.

"When I tried to talk with him about it, he didn't want to discuss it, and he was running away from me," White said. "I picked it up and tasered him with it."

"My anger management class told me not to tase him but we didn't go into what else to do," she added.

A relative is currently taking care of the boy and his 2-week-old sibling and are in the custody of Child Protective Services. 

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While White is not allowed to see her son, she is allowed supervised contact with the baby because she is still breastfeeding.

She is charged with causing bodily injury to a child.

News of the incident sparked controversy on social media.

Some were appalled by White's behavior.

"At that age, the best approach is to remove privileges until the child has nothing, but food, water, clothing and a roof," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "No tv, no video games, no play time until homework is completed. Kids that age respond to incentives very well. If that doesn't work, he could be dealing with a learning disability and she should seek some expertise in that area. Tasing on a child is torture."

Others were more sympathetic toward White.

"I don't condone what this woman has done at all, but it's refreshing to see a mother who cares about her child's behavior and wants school to be a priority to him," added another. "Normally I would say parents should only get one shot at screwing up with their kid and they're done. But for some reason, I believe in this mom. I think if she just learns to take it down a few notches and truly learns how to discipline her kids (not abuse), she might turn out alright."

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