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Mom Takes Time Away From Newborn To Shop, Ends Up Saving A Life

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A new mother who left the house for the first time since her baby was born wound up saving a man’s life.

Rene Geneva Renko left her 2-month-old daughter at home with her husband for the first time on May 16 to have some “me time” and shop.

“I mapped the whole thing out. ‘Ok, if I have one hour and this budget, I’m going to look for only this one thing,’ and I knew that if my husband called to say my daughter was hungry I’d have to come home since I breast-feed exclusively,” Renko, from Austin, Texas, told Yahoo Parenting. “The thrift store is in walking distance but I drove that day to save that extra minute.”

When she got to the store, she found an antique clock after just 20 minutes and ultimately decided to head home early.

“I still had 40 minutes of freedom, but I wanted to cuddle with my kid and hang out with my husband,” she said. While at a stoplight, she noticed a man sitting on the grass near train tracks. “I couldn’t tell that anything was wrong, but who says ‘I’m just going to take a break in this inconvenient place?’”

Renko pulled over and approached Matthew Galvez as he sat alone. He explained he’d blacked out and needed to go to the hospital, and she offered him a ride. Shortly after getting in Renko’s car, Galvez stopped breathing. 

“It went quickly from ‘I think this guy is pretty much OK’ to ‘this guy is dead in my car,’” she said. Renko rushed to the emergency room and pulled into the ambulance bay, where doctors rushed to revive Galvez. They succeeded on the second try.

“Before I left, a doctor came out and said to me, ‘You know, if this man lives you will have saved his life. How does it feel to be a hero today?’” she said. Renko was later informed that Galvez had suffered a massive heart attack on the side of the road. He underwent five surgeries, including a quintuple bypass, reports Daily Mail.

The two ultimately kept in touch as Galvez recovered, and the grateful man has started to reach out to news outlets to tell the story of the woman who saved his life. Despite being hailed as a hero, Renko said she was just doing what she felt was right.

“I just acted in accordance with my own values,” she said. “That’s somebody else’s father and son and brother, and I’ve got those people too, and I’d want someone to do that for me.”

Sources: Yahoo Parenting, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: AP via Yahoo Parenting


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