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Mom Gets Revenge On Daughters Who Won't Clean Rooms

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One mother developed a creative way to teach her daughters how to keep their rooms clean.

Alice Velasquez had grown tired of trying to get her teen daughters to clean their rooms. She would repeatedly tell them to do so, but nothing would be done about it, reports Little Things. 

So one day, the fed-up mom decided to teach her daughters a lesson. Velasquez went into their rooms and put all of their things into garbage bags, just as she found them. So there may be a sock, shirt, hairbrush, and sneaker in one bag, while another bag contains the matching sock, as well as other articles of clothing, or electronic devices, and so forth. 

The girls were forced to buy the bags at $25 each, and could only earn the money through household chores.  

Velasquez shared her story on Facebook: “What do you do when you are DONE telling your teenage daughters to stop letting their room look like homeless people live there? You put everything (YES EVERYTHING) into plastic bags,”

Reactions were swift as the story went viral. One user wrote, “It might be the teens room but when a stench builds up or insects come in then people out there would call that abuse of living in filth.bravo to this mom for making her daughter earn her stuff back and take some responsibility. Just too bad the daughter couldn't just do what she was asked in the first place.”

Another added, “Thats how you do it! When u live under your parents/parent roof you respect their rules!when u move u can be as messy as you want!”

Sources: Little Things, Little Things/Facebook / Photo credit: Green Living Bees

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