Beauty Queen, 17, Goes To Dubai To Sell Virginity


The mother of a 17-year-old beauty queen is pleading with police after learning that her daughter has flown to Dubai to sell her virginity for $13,000.

Anna Feschenko, the runner-up in this year's Miss Moscow contest, traveled to Dubai, telling her mother that the trip was a prize from the pageant. However, her friends revealed the truth behind the trip -- she intended to join an escort service to sell her virginity.

According to the Daily Mail, Feschenko hoped to use the money to fund her university education in Moscow when she returned home.

Feschenko was traveling with a friend, identified as 19-year-old Ekaterina K, who fled the country after learning the beauty queen's intentions to work as an escort.

"I traveled there because Anna invited me and said that it was a prize paid for by the Miss Moscow contest," Ekaterina said. 

"In two days we had a scandal when I got to know the truth about why we were there," she added, according to The Sun. "I told Anna that I was not going to stay and would go home. Anna tried to push me, she asked me to go away and leave her alone there. But I don't need this kind of job."

Ekaterina's parents flew to Dubai to bring their daughter home and told Feschenko's mother what was happening. The mother then called Russian police to plead for help in getting her daughter home.

"I believe she had a right to know," Ekaterina said. "It is a privilege in the UAE to be a virgin. I think Anna was just impressed with the amount of money she could get."

Ekaterina says that when she left, Feschenko was no longer staying at the hotel the girls were originally in, but had moved to a flat with two other eastern European girls who planned to work as escorts.

Feschenko's mother says she is now in touch with her daughter via text message. She says she was supposed to return home, but never showed on the day she was supposed to arrive.

"I am in touch with Anna, we are in contact all the time," her mother said. "I am worried about my daughter, I am a normal parent. I watch many soap operas and you know what is happening there, so I decided to rush to police."

She added, "Usually she would ... text me when she finished some activity like the gym and now you see what happened. So I went to the police."

Police say there is little they can do in this situation, as Feschenko's mother gave her formal permission to travel as a minor, with Ekaterina acting as her guardian.

Sources: Daily MailThe Sun / Photo credit: Will Stewart/The Sun 

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