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Mom's Lawsuit: Cop Broke Teen Daughter's Jaw In Library (Video)

Sabrina Robinson filed a lawsuit on June 5 against Officer Kevin Jones for allegedly breaking her 17-year-old daughter's jaw on Nov. 7, 2016, while removing her from the Lakewood Public Library in Ohio (video below).

The wild incident was filmed by library surveillance cameras and by Jones' body cam, notes

According to Robinson's lawsuit, Jones approached the girl because the teen was listening to music on her cell phone with headphones.

The lawsuit also contends that Jones told the teen to turn it down, and she moved to another area with her 11-year-old brother, and watched videos on a laptop computer with the headphones.

In the surveillance video, which does not have audio, the officer appears to exchange words with the teen girl. She stands up, he grabs her and starts pulling her out of the library. The two crash into a cart near the circulation desk, and the teen falls on the floor.

Jones appears to put her in a full nelson-type headlock, and keeps pulling her out of the library. The teen falls to the floor at the entrance of the library, and Jones falls on top of her.

The lawsuit alleges that when Jones landed on top of the girl, her jaw was broken.

The officer pulls her outside where the bleeding teen falls, or is pushed, onto a concrete bench.

On Jones' body cam, there is some audio as the teen girl is heard screaming during the struggle.

Robinson's lawsuit accuses Jones of violating the teen's civil rights and using excessive force without provocation.

The lawsuit also asserts that Jones and other cops did not provide medical care for the teen girl.

According to the lawsuit, the City of Lakewood did not train its police officers to treat children with respect and dignity.

The lawsuit said that Jones was eventually taken to the Cleveland Clinic, where her jaw was reset.

Subodh Chandra, Robinson's lawyer, said in a press release: "As parents, we expect that our children will be safe at a public library and that library employees will protect them from violence, not attack them."

According to the lawsuit, an internal investigation by the police department said Jones used excessive force, violated the use-of-force policy, should have de-escalated the conflict and was supposed to call for back-up officers.

Lakewood police spokesman Capt. Ed Hassing did not comment to, but the City of Lakewood issued a press release on June 5, reports WJW:

On December 19th a hearing was conducted on Departmental charges for using unreasonable and unwarranted force, bringing discredit to the Lakewood Police Department and not activating his body worn camera at the appropriate time.

Officer Jones was issued a 40 hour unpaid suspension, referred to the employee assistance program, received additional training, and denied permission to work off duty at the Lakewood Library.

When employees act outside of their training and responsibilities they are held accountable. The Lakewood Police Department trains their employees to de-escalate encounters and to only use force when reasonable and required.

Sources:, WJW / Photo credit: Raymond Wambsgans/Flickr

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