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Mom Strangled, Drowned Her Children While They Told Her They Love Her

Disturbing new details have been released in the case of a Florida mother who killed her three children and attempted to kill herself.

On March 20, Jessica McCarty of Palm Bay, Florida, allegedly killed her three children. Her 5-month-old son Christopher Swist, 6-year-old son Phillip McCarty, and 7-year-old daughter Lacey McCarty died in the attack.

According to police, Lacey was drowned in a bathtub and the two boys were strangled with cords around their necks. Jessica also reportedly cut her own wrists, but survived the attempted suicide.

Police used non-lethal beanbags to shoot and subdue Jessica as she tried to take her own life.

Newly released court documents, including handwritten notes from the arresting officers, reveal what was said in the aftermath of the killings.

“I’m so pissed you guys didn’t shoot me with a real gun,” Jessica said to the officers as she was taken to the emergency room. “I don’t deserve to live.”

According to police, Jessica called 911 on herself after killing her children. She texted her boyfriend, Christopher Swist, photos of the scene before he rushed home and also called 911.

Jessica’s children reportedly told her that they loved her right before she killed them.

Florida Today reported that Jessica recalled Lacey repeatedly telling her, “I love you mommy.”

Jessica said that her children deserved to die and that her family is destroyed. She also said in regard to her attempted suicide, “I wish I would’ve finished the job.”

“Someone who killed their kids doesn’t deserve to live,” she told investigators. “Just give me the death penalty – right here, right now.”

McCarty is currently in jail, charged with three counts of premeditated first-degree murder.

Sources: Daily MailFlorida TodayWFTV / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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