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Mom Allegedly Sold Drugs At Daughter's High School

Mom Allegedly Sold Drugs At Daughter's High School Promo Image

Police have charged a Southern California mother of two with dozens of felonies after they reportedly found evidence that she sold marijuana and prescription pills to students at her daughter's Catholic school as well as other students in her area.

Kimberly Quach, of Carmel Valley, California, was arrested near the end of September and charged with 37 counts that include five counts of child abuse, one count of theft by false impersonation, 16 counts of furnishing marijuana to a minor over the age of 14, and 10 charges of employing a minor to sell or carry marijuana, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Two charges allege that the 48-year-old either sold or gave a minor suboxone, a pain reliever used to help with opioid addiction. Quach faces another charge of selling or providing a minor with alprazolam, the tranquilizer commonly known as Xanax. The investigation started after a parent found pills in their child's room.

She pleaded not guilty.

"It is known at the school that if you need anything, you can have Quach buy it for you," reads the search warrant affidavit, according to the Union-Tribune.

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Her house allegedly had a reputation as a haven for minors looking to pick up and consume alcohol, marijuana and nicotine products as well as for those looking to score other substances.

Neighbors recall a wild get-together getting out of hand at her home last year.

"Kind of late night party with high school kids; running out of the house when police showed up; cars screeching out of the neighborhood; lined up in front of our own home," a neighbor told KGTV.

Quach allegedly had at least one student under the age of 18 working for her and selling marijuana, notes the Union-Tribune. The student told officials that she sold marijuana by the ounce in the month leading up to Quach's arrest, but added that she made fewer than 10 sales.

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The San Diego Police Department has teamed up with the District Attorney's Office and is seeking out more witnesses who attend Cathedral Catholic School and might be able to provide authorities with helpful information in the investigation.

This is not Quach's first time behind bars. In 2015, she was taken into custody on charges of stealing from a high school friend, reports KGTV. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of writing bad checks.

The felony charges that she faces for her alleged substance-dealing network could land her in prison for more than 60 years if she is found guilty.

Sources: The San Diego Union-TribuneKGTV / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Facebook via Daily Mail

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