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Mom Shoots Intruder, Melinda Herman Hailed as Hero by NRA

Melinda Herman of Loganville, Georgia, is being hailed by gun advocates as the perfect example of a law-abiding citizen who used a gun to stop a criminal.

Following her husband Donnie Herman's orders over the telephone, Melinda grabbed a handgun and hid in an attic with her two small children when burglar Paul Slater allegedly broke into their home, reports the Associated Press.

A 911 recording released by the Walton County Sheriff's Office shows how Donnie explained what was happening to a dispatcher on one phone line and told his wife what to do on another phone line (video below).

When Slater made his way up to the attic, Donnie told his wife, "Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him again!"

Melinda opened fire, seriously wounding Slater, who was later taken into custody.

The National Rifle Association tweeted a link to a news story about the shooting, and support poured in from others online, hailing Melinda as a hero.

The Hermans, who initially refused to speak to the press, apparently had a change of heart as Donnie has told the media how his wife is a hero.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told the Associated Press on Wednesday: "This lady decided that she wasn't going to be a victim, and I think everyone else looks at this and hopes they have the courage to do what she done."


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