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Mom Shamed Over Cake (Video)

An mother and mommy blogger has faced intense internet backlash after posting a video (below) of her son's birthday cake.

Mia Freedman, co-founder of the parenting blog Mama Mia, decided to get a little creative for her son's birthday this year, according to Little Things. She reached out to a fancy bakery in the Sydney area and ordered a pinata cake. Kids would take a rolling pin, hit the cake, and find a trove of candy inside. 

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"It was a big hit - literally," Freedman wrote on her blog, "and the kids went nuts."

She posted a video to her Facebook page, showing the kids hitting the cake and scrambling to grab as much candy as they could. Hours after posting, she was swiftly met with a wave of criticism.  

"[Users] did not like the concept of it -- hitting encourages violence," said Freedman.

Commenters were ruthless, calling the cake "crass," overly expensive and "an awful concept."

"Kids hitting each other, one kid hitting other kids' hands with the rolling pin, one kid shoves another kid out of the way," writes one person. "A few kids only get one or two things because they are so much littler. What an unfunny, horrible replacement for traditional cakes."

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"Horrible, horrible. Violent attack on cake,” another person said. “No wonder kids think manners are of no importance."

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Others saw no problem with the cake.

"Why is everybody being so negative about this?" asks one user. "It's the same as having an easter egg hunt...our family easter egg hunts get pretty intense. Oops, don't ring the fun Police on us!"

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This isn't even the first time Freedman had been shamed over a birthday cake. In the past, she has been called "uncaring" for buying a $4 chocolate cake from her local grocery store, according to her blog. Many thought that by not making a cake from scratch, she was cutting corners and didn't spend enough time on her children. 

In response to the negative comments, she had some strong words: "I wish I had time to be upset by other people's cakes. Think about how awesome that would be for a moment."

Sources: Little Things, Mama Mia / Photo credits: Mia Freedman/Facebook, Sydney Smash Cakes/Instagram via Little Things

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