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Mom Sentenced to Jail After Son, 9, Wounded Classmate with Gun (Video)

Jamie Lee Chaffin was recently sentenced to 14 months in jail after her 9-year-old son brought a gun to school and accidentally wounded a classmate.

The boy brought the gun inside a backpack to Armin Jahr Elementary School in Bremerton, Wash., where it went off and shot Amina Bowman, 8, on Feb. 22, 2012 (video below).

Bowman had to undergo numerous surgeries and was psychologically traumatized, according to her parents.

Chaffin's son told police that he took the gun from the Allyn, Wash., home of Chaffin’s boyfriend, Douglas Bauer, on the weekend before the shooting, noted the Kitsap Sun.

The boy claimed he took the gun to school because he had been bullied by other kids.

After the shooting, Chaffin and Bauer were charged with third-degree assault because they allegedly allowed the boy to have access to the gun.

Chaffin, who had a felony conviction in 2007 (forgery) that barred her from owning any guns, was also charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a gun.

Chaffin agreed to testify against Bauer to get the third-degree assault charge dropped, but she pleaded guilty to unlawful possession charges earlier this year.

Chaffin's defense attorney Michael Clark claimed that she was under “duress” due to her complete dependence on Bauer and her abusive childhood.

“This is a very unusual case in the way Ms. Chaffin’s mental health plays in,” claimed Clark. “She had no options.”

The boy was also charged with third-degree felony assault, but accepted responsibility for bringing the gun to school in a plea agreement. He was sentenced to one year of court-supervised probation.

According to the Associated Press, the Bremerton School District has agreed to pay Bowman's family $900,000 and Bauer's homeowner's insurance will pay $300,000.

Sources: Kitsap Sun, Associated Press


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