Mom Sent To Jail For Giving Her Daughter Chemo Drugs To Garner Attention

An Australian mother has been sentenced to six years in jail for giving her three-year-old daughter chemotherapy drugs to garner attention.

According to reports, the 23-year-old mom purposefully made her daughter sick by feeding her toxic chemo drugs. The woman bought the drugs online from Canada and gave them to her daughter in the form of pills. From August 2012 until April 2013, the mother gave her daughter the drugs, set up a Facebook page to help her daughter “fight” her “illness," and got her daughter so sick that she almost died.

The girl, now age five, is said to be recovering, but sadly, doctors say that there is a good chance she could become infertile, and her chances of actually getting cancer in the future have gone up.

During the mother’s sentencing, Judge Anthony Rafter told her that what she did to her daughter was “incomprehensible.”

"Your daughter must have experienced pain and discomfort," said Rafter. "You caused your daughter severe suffering and a life-threatening illness. She was required to undergo evasive medical procedures."

Although the woman was sentenced to six years in prison, she has already spent 14 months behind bars, so she becomes eligible for parole in about a year. The young girl’s grandmother confirms that the little girl is doing much better and says that she is standing by her daughter, hoping that she can get help.

“It was really hard, it was heartbreaking," said the poisoned little girl’s grandmother. "But I'm not going to focus on that. She's healthy now. She's [convicted mother] my daughter ... she's going to get the help she needs.”

Sources: ABC News- Australia, The Courier Mail, Nine MSN


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