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Mom Sends Warning After Child's Car Seat Catches Fire

Mom Sends Warning After Child's Car Seat Catches Fire Promo Image

A Texas mother is warning parents after her daughter's car seat caught fire because of the sun's reflection on a mirror.

Amanda Kenny DeAngelis was taking her baby daughter, Mila, out of her car seat on Jan. 23 when she noticed smoke rising from the seat, the Daily Mail reported. She took to Facebook to share a video and pictures of the car seat.

"Only me! This happened today. Britax seat and Eddie Bauer mirror. Thank God!" DeAngelis wrote. "I was rushing home and didn’t sit in my seat checking emails and responding to texts like I typically do it Mila is sleeping. I’ve use car seats with mirrors with all my kids-never have I experienced this! Scary!"

DeAngelis was using a safety mirror specifically designed for car seats. The burns on the seat were so severe that they made holes in the fabric.

"This is my baby's car seat, smoking because there is a mirror on the back of the seat so I can see her," DeAngelis explained in the video. "I just took her out of the seat and smelled smoke and saw the smoke coming up. And this is caused by the sun's reflection into the car seat. Thank God I made a two-second stop and found this before something happened."

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The mother's post quickly went viral, garnering more than 74,000 shares in just one week. DeAngelis said she has since reached out to Britax and Eddie Bauer.

"Update-Britax corporate responded to me immediately (within 20 minutes). I’ve called Eddie Bauer (the mirror manufacturer) daily and left messages with the situation," DeAngelis wrote. "They have not responded. I will keep trying them."

"I’m not placing blame or trying to start arguments...just trying to make other informed this is a possibility," DeAngelis later added to the now-viral post. "Never did it occur to me it would reflect and happen so quickly. Do with this information what you will-just don’t judge!"

Thousands of social media users commented on the post. Some were outraged at the companies, while others said DeAngelis shared some of the blame.

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"Wow, that’s scary" wrote one user. "I used a mirror but I didn’t have this problem."

"This is a user error. Basic optics and how at the right distance the mirror can concentrate the sun light in one area causing a fire. Any person who has taken a survival course know that u can start a fire with a mirror." wrote another.

"Hey genius, if the sun is reflected off a mirror then it gets hot. What do you want the car seat company to do block out the sun?"

"Good thing the baby was not in there! That is horrifying!" another added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Amanda Kenny DeAngelis/Facebook / Featured Image: Pxhere / Embedded Images: Amanda Kenny DeAngelis/Facebook

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