Mom Sends Messages and Christmas Wishes Before Dying


Before dying of cancer, Brenda Schmitz wrote two letters to be delivered from beyond the grave — one to her family, to be read over a local radio station, and one to her husband’s future wife.

Schmitz, a mother of four, died of ovarian cancer in September of 2011 at the age of 46. When she knew her disease was terminal, she wrote a letter to her husband David and had a friend send it to the Des Moines KSTZ radio station, which grants Christmas wishes to listeners every year.

The radio station invited David to their studio Friday.

“About a week and half ago we got a letter in the mail,” radio host Scott Allen said on the air. “We’ve been doing the Christmas wish program for 20-plus years. We’ve never received a wish like this — ever.”

A host then read Brenda’s letter aloud.

“When you are in receipt of this letter, I will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer,” Brenda wrote.

“As I was thinking about my last months on Earth I told David my wishes after I was gone that I believe he followed through with the attitude and courage I know he possesses,” she continues. “What a great husband and father he is.”

“I know all this is extremely hard on him. He is the one making the best decisions from here on out for my family and ultimately finding a caring, compassionate loving woman in time to help raise the boys.”

Brenda goes on to say how much she will miss seeing her boys “grow up to be fine men,” particularly her youngest, who had just had his first birthday when she was diagnosed.

“No child as young as Max should lose his mother and it brings tears to my eyes now thinking of it,” Brenda wrote.

She also wrote a separate message to David’s future second wife, telling the woman how much she loves her and the family, and asking her to give all her love to their children.

This summer David proposed to Jayne Abraham, who has two of her own children. She said that Brenda’s letter dispelled “any doubt I might have had” about her relationship with David.

Brenda also asked three requests of the radio station: that David’s new wife be pampered, for the family to be taken on a “magical trip,” and for a  “a night full of drinks, food and fun” for the nurses and doctors who treated her.

The station granted all three wishes with the help of sponsors. The family will go on a vacation to Disney World, where David’s wife will spend time at a day spa. A catering company provided food for the medical staff at the hospital that treated Brenda.

Sources: The Blaze, Daily Mail


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