Police: Mom Used Steel Wool To Remove Her Son's Makeup


Police arrested a Georgia mother after she allegedly scrubbed her son's face with a metal cleaning pad, scratching the boy's eyeball and blurring his vision on Dec.1. 

Veridiana Erbskorn is facing charges of child cruelty, reckless conduct and battery in Coweta County, reports NY Daily News.

Erbskorn claims she scrubbed her 12-year-old son's face with a Brillo pad because he was going through a “rock and roll phase” she disapproved of, dyeing his hair red, wearing leather jackets and makeup, reports NBC Miami.

The mother said she used soap and the steel wool cleaning pad to remove the makeup from the boy’s face.

After receiving a phone call from the boy's sibling, officials found the boy with injuries to his eye and facial redness from the metal pad scratching.

They took the boy to Piedmont Newnan Hospital, where medical staff discovered the extent of his injuries, and met with the father. It's unclear where the boy's eyeball scratch is permanent, doctors say. 

According to Coweta County Sheriff’s Office's Lt. Col. James Yarbrough, the Brillo pad soap was also found in the boy's right eye socket, cheek, brow and ear.

Police allowed the child to return home, but have alerted child welfare agencies.

Brillo pads have been used for more than a century to clean dishes and are made from steel wool filled with soap.

According to Drugs.com, applying soap to the eyes can cause damage within one to five minutes, although most of the time it causes only surface-level injury.

Australia's Better Health reports that depending on the degree of exposure, certain chemicals cause blindness or worse.

"Chemicals splashed into the eyes can also cause poisoning as they are absorbed into the bloodstream many times more rapidly than chemicals splashed onto the skin," Better Health states.

Sources: NY Daily News, NBC Miami, Drugs.comBetter Health / Photo credit: Coweta County Sheriff's Office via New York Daily News

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